St. Patrick's Hall School Alumni

The building opened in August 1880 and was named St. Patrick's Hall Schools. It was reported to be the best equipped school in the Colony until gutted by The Great Fire of 1892. Rebuilt inside the burnt-out shell, the school reopened in 1894 with a capacity for 400 students. In 1935 overcrowding necessitated relocating the high school classes to the nearby Holy Name Hall. In 1945 all students were reunited with the opening of a new modern school on the grounds near this corner. Both the Christian Brothers and the lay teachers based their teachings on religious, academic and practical skills that would stand the students in good stead throughout their lives.

In 1997 the educational system in Newfoundland and Labrador became non-denominational and St. Pat's was closed in June 1999 as part of the restructuring. It burned to the ground in May 2003.