St. Patrick's Hall School Alumni

Irish Christian Brothers

The Congregation of Christian Brothers, commonly called the Irish Christian Brothers, was founded in 1802 in Waterford, Ireland by merchant Edmund Rice. The Brothers came to St. John's at the invitation of the Benevolent Irish Society and with the influence of Bishop Thomas Rawer. The first to arrive was Brother Francis L. Holland. He became Director of North America's first permanent Christian Brothers' community and school when three other Brothers joined him in mid-January,1876. Under the Brothers' care the Orphan Asylum School was quickly revitalized, enrollment mushroomed, and the need for a larger building was soon evident. Once again the Society responded to the need and in 1877 the cornerstone of a new stone structure was laid. Located directly behind the Asylum, the new building would house the needed classrooms, as well as meeting rooms and an auditorium for the Society. A residence for the Brothers was also begun in 1877 on lands owned by the Church. Named Mount St. Francis, it is located just left of this site. All Christian Brothers who taught at St. Patrick's Hall have lived there since.